Free Parental Control App: Empowering Parents for a Safer Digital Experience

The Free Parental Control App is a powerful tool designed to empower parents in safeguarding their children’s online experiences. The greater penetration of digital devices and the internet has given rise to a safe and secure digital environment for kids.

free parental control app


Free Parental Control app: Your Ultimate Digital Safety Solution

Our Free Parental Control app offers a comprehensive suite of features that enable parents to monitor, manage, and control their children’s online activities. 

live monitoring

Live Monitoring

location tracker

Location Tracker

content shield

Content Shield

Key Features

Empowering Parents with Superior Control and Protection

Live Monitoring

With our Free Parental Control App’s live monitoring feature, you can keep a close eye on your child’s online activities in real time. Receive instant notifications and alerts about suspicious or inappropriate content, enabling you to take immediate action and ensure their safety.

Content Shield

The content shield feature is a powerful filter, blocking access to explicit or harmful content across websites and social media apps. Rest easy knowing your child is browsing the internet in a protected environment, shielded from inappropriate material.

Screen Time

Finding the perfect balance between screen time and other activities is crucial. Screen time allows you to set limits and schedules for device usage. Encourage healthy habits and ensure your child’s well-rounded development with controlled screen time.

Location Tracker

With our Free Parental Control App’s location tracker feature, you can effortlessly keep track of your child’s whereabouts. Receive real-time updates on their location and set geofences to receive alerts when they enter or leave designated areas. Stay informed and ensure their safety both online and offline.

App Blocker

Take control of your child’s app usage with our App’s app blocker feature. Easily block access to specific apps that you deem inappropriate or distracting. Foster a focused and productive digital environment by allowing access only to the apps that are beneficial for your child’s development.

Daily Usage

Free Parental Control App’s daily usage feature enables you to monitor and manage your child’s device time. Set daily limits to ensure a healthy balance between screen time and other activities. Encourage responsible device usage and promote a balanced lifestyle for your child’s overall well-being.

unleashing the power of our free parental control app

How it works

Unleashing the Power of Free Parental Control App

With our Free Parental Control App, you can swiftly establish a secure and reliable digital experience for your child, providing peace of mind in today’s digital world.

Quick Setup

Robust Security

Stable Performance

Intuitive Interface

Experienced App Development Expert

Creating Outstanding Free Parental Control App

Over a decade of experience in app development

Proficient in iOS and Android platforms, ensuring seamless compatibility with various devices

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Free Parental Control App has been market-tested and received positive acclaim

free parental control app

Ensuring Online Safety: Why You Need a Free Parental Control App

In today’s digital age, it’s crucial to prioritize your child’s online safety. A Free Parental Control App provides the necessary tools to protect them from potential online risks. With features like content filtering, live monitoring, and app blocking, you can ensure that your child accesses age-appropriate content and stays away from harmful websites or apps.

By setting screen time limits and tracking their online activities, you can foster a healthy digital routine and prevent excessive device usage. Take control of your child’s online safety with a Free Parental Control App and provide them with a secure and nurturing digital environment.

Guiding Digital Experience: The Importance of a Free Parental Control App

As children’s guardians, parents always want to give children an ideal paradise. Our app empowers you to set boundaries and establish healthy digital routines. By monitoring their app usage, you can identify any potentially harmful or addictive apps and block access if necessary. With features like location tracking, you can ensure their safety in the real world.

By utilizing our app, you can guide your child’s digital journey, teach them responsible online behavior, and instill good digital habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.

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Download our App today and gain full control over your child’s online activities. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, you can ensure a safe and secure digital environment for your family. Don’t wait. Protect your child now!

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Is there a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 3-day free trial. After the trial, parents can decide whether to purchase the app based on their needs.

Can I use it if my child has an iPhone?

Absolutely! Our app supports both Android and iOS devices for both parents and children.

Can my child disable the Free Parental Control app?

The App can be hidden on your child’s device, making it inaccessible to them. If they manage to find and attempt to disable or uninstall it, you will receive a notification on your device.

How long are the location tracking history stored? 

We retain the historical tracking data for 7 days, allowing you to review your child’s whereabouts.

Can I monitor my child’s activities without opening the Free Parental Control app?

Yes, we provide daily usage data reports that can be sent to your email, even if you don’t open the app regularly.

Can I prevent my child from accessing inappropriate content?

Absolutely! Our content shield feature helps block unhealthy content, ensuring your child’s online safety.

What are the benefits of live monitoring?

Live monitoring offers features such as a remote camera, one-way audio, and screen mirroring. These functions allow you to monitor your child’s activities and ensure their safety in real-time.

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